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Welcome to our charity organization

U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V.

Uplift Vulnerable Children and Orphans – street kids – short: U.V.C.O.


Who are we?

U.V.C.O.. Uganda e.V. is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Brunn/Oberpfalz. We, the active helpers in Germany, all work on a voluntary basis and very closely with the recognized organization E.C.H.O. in Uganda/Masaka. This organization is officially registered as a CBO (community based organizations). This is comparable to a non-profit association in Germany. In the last years, we have found 269 foster families for 298 children living on the street and orphans (status before the COVID-19 pandemic). We have supported the construction of our own school for children in need, in which school operations could begin in February 2020. We have also launched several projects to enable the local people to provide for the children’s needs and safety in the long term.

What are we currently doing?

U.V.C.O. Germany takes care of children in need from very poor families as well as street children and orphans in Uganda/Masaka and provides them with basic things like education, health and nutrition. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. 48% of the population is under 15 years old! At the moment (as of June 2023), we support 320 children and adolescents as well as their families or caretakers. Some of them are traumatized by the early loss of their parents, poverty, hunger, violence or sexual assault.
We provide these children with protection and security by placing them with foster families and in boarding schools. After no less than 83 weeks of lockdown due to the strict COVID-19 regulations in Uganda, during which the schools remained mostly closed, school life has finally started again for our children. Our heartfelt thanks go to the many generous donors, sponsors and to our partners, the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP for their continuous help!

With the support of U.V.C.O. Germany, the by now 271 foster families, donors and sponsors as well as the team of E.C.H.O. Uganda on site, we provide these girls and boys with stability, new perspectives and a chance for a future!

How can you support us?

  • Become a sponsor – the children will thank you from the bottom of their hearts
  • Shared sponsorships are also possible – make a child happy as a couple and share the financial support
  • Donate money because every Euro counts
  • Become a member of U.V.C.O. and help shape the future of our children
  • Advertise for us, help us actively with campaigns, information booths, fundraising runs and benefit concerts
  • Interns / ‚voluntary social year‘ (‚Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr‘) are always welcome
Help us – every donation benefits our children!!!!!
Every Euro helps!
Thank you very much in the name of all the children and the whole U.V.C.O. Team!