U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V. - Zukunft für Straßenkinder und Waisen in Masaka info@uvco.de

Our team

The active supporters in Germany are:

Antonia Appel from Parsberg
Bauer-Giggelberger, Susanna from Brunn
Baier Lisa from Pilsting
Brell Martina from Kitzingen
Brock Martina from Lupburg
Bubb Stefan from Endorf/Laaber
Eisner Gisela from Degerndorf
Geß Katinka und Vanessa from Degerndorf
Holzapfel Martina and Markus from Waldetzenberg
Kailer Simone from Beratzhausen
Meier Fritz from Lupburg
Meyer Michaela from Laaber
Mycova Katarina and Wiendl Martin from Wackersdorf
Parzl Elke and Julia from MammingLupburg
Riepl Sophie from Hohenschambach
Sauter Petra and Stefan from Germering
Scherer Angelina, Martin and Hilde with Antonia from Frauenberg
Scherer Manuel from Frauenberg
Scherer Martin junior from Frauenberg
Scherübl Irmgard,Ro wena and Korbinian from Endlfeld
Söllner Michaela, Maria, Magdalena and Alfred from Babetsberg
Soderer Emma from Brunn
Soderer Klaus from Frauenberg
Weidinger Tanja and Finja from Degerndorf

Contact persons presented individually:

1. Chairwoman

Katinka Geß
Degerndorf B1,
92331 Lupburg
Phone: 0151/ 750 649 53
Email Katinka.Gess@gmx.de

Katinka Geß
Katinka Geß

2. Chairwoman and secretary

Tanja Weidinger
Degerndorf E11,
92331 Lupburg
Phone: 0174 / 42 40 264
Email tanja.k.seeberger@web.de

Tanja Weidinger

3. Chairman

Martin Scherer
Laaberer Weg 17
93164 Brunn
Phone: 0170 / 81 17 337
Email m.scherer_92@yahoo.com

Martin Scherer


Emma Soderer

The members of the Advisory Board are:

Angelina Scherer – Advisory Board Chair

Hilde Scherer – responsible for the participation and organization of the Laaber market stalls

Michaela Meyer – responsible for the apprentices at the Keytume School, cash auditor

Susanna Gigglberger – responsible for the students at the 2 universities

Emma Soderer – responsible for social media, treasurer

Stefan Bubb – responsible for the apprentices at the IMLS

Our team in Uganda

operates under the 2021 Registered Organization (CBO) E.C.H.O. ( Education for children and helpless orphans)

The team members are:

Eric Mugwanya
Robert Muwangwe
Ronnie Jjunjju

Team Uganda

We support all our street children in Masaka/ Uganda in cooperation with the organization E.C.H.O.!

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are happy to be there for you!