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Donation account

Because every cent counts...

 ... U.V.C.O. also has an AmazonSmile account!  Just click on the link and 0.5% of your purchase will benefit our children! (of course it does not cost more) ➡️➡️➡️ Amazon Smile. Everything is exactly the same as on Amazon (including Amazon Prime). You can also set AmazonSmile in your app, then the amount will be donated to UVCO automatically. Here you can see how easy it is: www.bezahlen.net

Donation and association account:

Raiffeisenbank im Oberpfälzer Jura eG
IBAN: DE32750690610000755370
Account owner: U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V.

Reason for payment:
Donations and sponsorships
„Donation U.V.C.O. –name of the child-
Membership fees „Membership U.V.C.O.“ or
other donations for example the construction of the well „Well construction U.V.C.O.“

We create the donation receipts for the current year between January and February of the following year and send them by post. We ask those donors who have not received a donation receipt by the end of February to send an email to info@uvco.de, as we do not have a postal address in these cases. In order to save costs for office supplies, we only send a donation receipt from a donation amount of 50€! According to information from the bank, your bank statement is sufficient proof for your tax return up to a donation of 200€! This should continue to enable us to ensure that our membership fees are sufficient to pay for the bank fees and office supplies. This way, every euro donated goes directly to our children! We ask for your understanding!



Since all active members work voluntarily for the orphans, no fees are deducted from the donations.

Every cent donated definitely goes to the children.

Even the transfer fees to Uganda, which the participating banks charge (they amount to approx. 24€ for a transfer amount of 500€), are not paid from the donations, but from the membership fees of the association members.

After a donation has been transferred, we will be happy to issue a donation receipt. The only requirement for this is the communication of the full name and the exact address. All you need to do is send this information by email to info@uvco.de. After we have received the address, the donation receipt, which is used for submission to the tax office, will be sent within a few weeks.

We look forward to every member and of course to every donor.

Your team U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V. in Germany