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Stay in June 2022 by sponsor Julia

Our trip to Masaka, Uganda (18.06. – 28.06.)

On June 18th, we started our journey towards Entebbe, Uganda. Together we flew from Munich approx. 8h
and were greeted at the airport by Eric and Robert from the E.C.H.O. team with flowers and a warm hug. Afterwards we were brought to our
accommodation for the following days.


The next day, we already started with our program, which was carefully worked out and supervised by Eric and
Robert. The first stop was the Kids Care Primary School, where we were welcomed with dance and music. The joy about our visit was obvious
was written all over the faces of the children and the teachers, which automatically transferred to us. The warmth and gratitude was hard to put into words, which also caused us to shed some tears. We spent the whole day with the children and were allowed to see the lessons and the school grounds. Afterwards we distributed sweets in the classes, which was of course a small highlight for the children. Then we went to the city to eat, where we were allowed to try out the local cuisine. Our conclusion: extremely delicious!

We spent the next three days with the children at the Kids Care School. We were able to observe classes, attend sporting events, and even host a soccer game ourselves. Our fellow travelers Lisa and Kevin dueled on opposing teams, creating a fun memory with the kids. Overall, the kids there were very inquisitive and curious. They wanted to know everything about Germany and us, but they also wanted to tell as much as they could about their own lives and Uganda. The initial shyness had long since disappeared and so the children sought a lively exchange and contact with us, which of course we were very happy about.


On June 23rd, we continued our journey to IMLS. There, too, we visited children of ours who are undergoing training there. The school management was pleased to tell us how good our students are and how much they like to be involved in music. Afterwards, we were allowed to visit 2 sponsored children directly at the training center in a workshop and to bring sponsor gifts. After a short lunch at Mama Kiba, we went on to Mama Brenda and the newly built house. Here, too, we received a warm welcome and were allowed to bring gifts. Last but not least, we visited Jovia and her newborn. She also received gifts and especially clothes for the child and herself. Jovia is a U.V.C.O. supported teenager who became pregnant during Covid. Her sponsor continues to support her and her baby until the baby girl is 1 year old. Finally, we went to Uplift Primary School to see the completed grounds and also the new classes.


While Lisa lovingly spent the next day with the children at the Kids Care School and played more soccer games, the rest of us went to Buloba College first thing in the morning. There, our fellow traveler Julia was able to meet her sponsored child Justine, whom she supports with her mom. Of course there were tears, because Justine as well as Julia had been looking forward to this day for a long time. In general, all sponsored children wish to meet their sponsors one day and they are always very happy to receive letters from their sponsors. At the college, we were allowed to hand out presents, T-shirts and sweets and spend valuable time with the children. Afterwards, we visited Winnie’s sewing school project EYMCBO. Here, too, we were welcomed with dance, music and friendly words. After that, we were given a small tour by Winnie herself and were also surprised with beautiful self-sewn clothes. Here we were also allowed to distribute small care packages, where each of the 50 families received bread, sugar, rice, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, we visited 5 families, where the children are to be included in our system and new sponsors are being sought. On the way home, we visited sponsored children at another training center for nursing and brought clothes and gifts.

From June 25th to 27th, Kevin and Angelina spent the days with the children at the Kids Care School, while Katinka, Enita, Lisa and Julia went on a small safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. For this unique experience, we also invited one of Mama Brenda’s daughters, little Babra.

On June 28th, it was time for us to say goodbye. We drove to the Kids Care School for the last time and had to say goodbye to the teachers and students. Many tears were shed, both by the children and by us, because for such a short time, we grew so fond of the children that we would have loved to stay. Our last item on the program was a visit to the German Embassy in Kampala. There we were invited for a short talk with the German ambassador, who is a sponsor himself. Here we brought Mr. Matthias Schauer up to date on how our children are doing and told him about the events of the last time. After this friendly talk, we went to Lake Victoria and then we had to say goodbye to our loving companions Eric and Robert and board the plane back to Germany.


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