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Secondary schools

After the 7 years of „elementary school“, which in Uganda since 1997 are (supposed to be) available to every inhabitant free of charge, the students can attend another four years of „secondary school“ in order to have the necessary basics to get an education afterwards. For particularly suitable students, there is also the option of attending an „advanced secondary school“ for two years after completing secondary school. This qualification, in turn, entitles the student to attend university.

Unfortunately, this educational path is not free, and the better the school is, the more expensive the fees the school charges.

In addition, there is the compulsory school uniform that every child in Uganda needs have, the cost of materials and the fluctuating cost of living caused by periods of drought and crop failure. Only a fraction of the children in Uganda can therefore obtain an education that goes beyond basic knowledge.

Through great luck and a lot of commitment of our team here and on site, we were able to get discounted places at the boarding school „Buloba Royal College“, which is so interesting for us because it employs motivated teachers, renounces violence (unfortunately not a matter of course in Uganda!), is state-approved and guarantees a good and above all broad school education! This offers our children the best chances for a good profession with a future. A degree from this school also means that the best students can apply to the government for a scholarship for a university, so that a degree is also a possibility for our children, which some dream of.

Buloba Royal College