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Open sponsorships

By sponsoring a child, you give them the chance of a self-determined childhood and a better future through nutrition, care and education.

Become a sponsor from 0.83 cents a day and give hope!

Elementary school plus holiday care Secondary schools Apprenticeship Second sponsorships Support for Winnie’s mothers

If you would like to help one or more children to have a future through school education, please send a message to info@uvco.de. A partial amount is also welcome, every euro helps! We are happy to accept several sponsors for a child who would like to share the costs! Thank you very much on behalf of the entire aid organization.

(A list of useful gifts follows)

We try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, but we apologize if this is not always the case. 

Please also have a look at our german page, as this one will always be updated first. 

Elementary school plus holiday care

These children attend Kids Care Primary School as boarders and stay with either caretakers or family during the holidays. Therefore, the sponsorships amount to a monthly contribution of 25€.



Secondary schools

Our children have the opportunity to go to college. Find more information here: secondary schools

These children attend Buloba Royal College. Tuition and accommodation can be covered with €35 per month.



There are also children who are already in apprenticeship.

Find more information here: Apprenticeship

There are currently no sponsorships open here


Second sponsorships

These children already have a sponsor who pays part of the monthly costs. However, they still need a second sponsor to cover the remaining costs.

Support for Winnie’s mothers

Under Winnie’s sewing school EYMCBO you can find out what this project is all about. The children’s school attendance is supported by sponsorships.

With the respective donation amount, as a sponsor, you make it possible for a child in need (parents from poor backgrounds or orphans) to

  • have regular meals and safe shelter
  • attend a primary school and a secondary school, which gives your sponsored child a chance of training or studying
  • get basic medical care

With additional pocket money of 5€ / month, your sponsored child can also take part in school activities or small excursions.