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August 2023

Middle school

A fixed component at the elementary and middle school Laaber, is the annual solidarity run, which is organized by Martina Holzapfel and in favor of U.V.C.O.. Uganda e.V. 🧡🏃🏽‍♀️🧡

Under the motto „Children run for children“ a great donation sum of 5225€ came together 🥳🥳 With the proceeds from the Christmas mix a proud donation sum of 6360,40 € could be handed over at the final service before the vacations 🥳🥳

We would like to thank Martina Holzapfel, the school management, her colleagues and all those involved from the bottom of our hearts who make this run possible every year! B

Education is the only chance out of the poverty spiral!


Finally the trip to Uganda of our Katinka and Lisa starts! 🇺🇬 🇩🇪

As you can see, the two have plenty of godparent gifts and letters in the luggage! 🧳 😅

We wish them lots of fun and joy and a great time in Uganda with our children!

Come back safe and sound! 🍀

Arrival Arrival

June 2023



We had fantastic proceeds of 2056.18 euros 🥳🥳🥳

We would also like to sincerely thank all contributors !🧡

Without you it could not have taken place at all 🧡

Also a huge thank you to all the visitors who donated so diligently for our children in Uganda 🧡

May 2023

Last week was the start of the 2nd term of the 2023 🥳

school year.

For 12 of our looked after children from Mityana, it was the 1st day of school at Hand in Hand Community School in Kasambya.

For the first time, their school uniforms were allowed to be sewn by our trainees at the sewing school of the EYMCBO organization!

We are really proud and thank our hardworking seamstresses for the great work in such a short time 🧡


The students / inside the 7th grade could use the vacations to prepare for the upcoming final exams at the end of the school year. 🖋️📔

We were able to fund the cost of the extra weeks of school through donations 🙏🍀🙏

Final Exam


Beaming faces upon receiving the letters and packages from the sponsors 😍

The contact with the godparents is very valuable and a great motivation for the children 🧡

Godparent Gift</p

Mai 2023

On 30.06.2023 our benefit concert will take place from 19:00 in the church in Frauenberg

100% of the proceeds will be donated for school costs and food.

We are looking forward to your coming !


April 2023

At the craftsmen’s day yesterday in Lupburg, 522.65€ in donations were collected.

By a turn at our wheel of fortune many sponsored donations in kind found a new owner.

We are very happy about this great sum and thank all helpers and visitors.




A new newsletter has been published!

Newsletter April 2023

April 2023

A donation of 150€ made mother Leontina in Mityana overjoyed 🙏😇

Yesterday was the handover of 2 mattresses for Leontina and her son, bedding, a suitcase for storing her few „belongings “ and the little piglet ☺️ Even the neighbors came and were happy with Leontina, who has to live in very very poor conditions 😔

A big thank you to the donor ❤️



We would like to thank the Petersberg Lent meal team for their valuable donation!

With their donation, they have made it possible for a sponsorless child at the Secondary School to attend a complete school year with boarding school accommodation !!!!



March 2023

Great joy and beaming faces when receiving the exercise books for the school day

Thank you very much dear Doris for your valuable donation.

Hefte hefte

The pictures are from the visiting day of our 14 mentored children at Hand in Hand Community School in Mityana.

Lemonade and a snack for our children made this day special


Besuchtstag Besuchstag

Recently there was a visiting day at the Kids Care Primary School.

Once a term (3 months) the children can be visited by their parents/caretakers.

On this special day there is a delicious meal for everyone



For 7 young people started on Monday the 2 – year vocational training at the Mummys Institute in Masaka.

The training includes 4 semesters. The young people are very happy and thank their sponsors from the bottom of their hearts, because without their sponsors this training would not be possible!

Detailed information about the school and the different trainings can be found on https://www.mummysinstitute.com/.



Starterset for vocational training


Starting in the 2023 school year, there will be changes in the curriculum for Secondary Schools, thus also for Buloba College.

In a nutshell, a Secondary School will now offer a competency-based curriculum that includes compulsory practical electives such as agriculture, art and design, woodworking and metalworking, nutrition and food technology, or foreign languages, in addition to compulsory subjects such as English, mathematics, science, etc. The reason and advantages of this school reform in Uganda are that after the six years at a secondary school, the students have completed their school education and at the same time have acquired a practical skill corresponding to their potential and abilities! These skills are proven by the certificates acquired, they are recognized on the labor market and enable the young people to finance their own lives directly after graduation.

It is planned that Katinka and three other members will fly to Uganda on 10.07.2023.

They are happy to take letters or a small gift for the sponsored children with them!

For one of our nurse trainees, the 5th and thus last semester started in February. We wish her every success, as well as the four others who are currently completing their third semester.

February 2023

The well construction project has been completed!!!

On the first pictures you can see how the children used to have to fetch water. On the following pictures how much easier it is now.

Brunnenbau Brunnenbau

The young mothers of the organization EYMCBO proudly show their first self-sewn GOMAZI 😊👏

With the sale of the self-sewn clothes, the mothers should be able to finance their own livelihood in the future. We support this sewing school with the direction of Nansubuga Winnie with donations for fabrics, sewing material, b.B. sewing machines and the rent for the room in which they sew and a common bedroom, as the daily way would be too far and dangerous for some women. These young mothers and the sewing school depend on our financial support😇🍀🙏

Every donation is valuable, no donation amount is too small !!!!



The school year at Kids Care Primary School has also started for 140 of our children.

We wish them all a good time and much success !!!

Many thanks to all sponsors who make school attendance possible.





Monday was the 1st day of school for the 2023 school year for our students at Buloba Collage.

Primary School graduating students who can transfer to Secondary School, Buloba Collage, will have to wait until mid-February.School

The school year 2023 also started for our 14 supervised children of the organization EYMCBO in Mityana at the Hand in Hand Community School 💛 We wish the children a lot of fun and all the best and thank N. Winnie very much for the good cooperation 💛 School School

For the well construction there is now also a project description as PDF -> Projektbeschreibung Brunnenbau

January 2023

Last weekend was the Christmas party at the Kids Care Primary School for all our children and adolescents.

The donation of our Christmas campaign enabled a good meal with drinks, dancing and singing.

The gifts of the sponsors and the shirts from the SV Lupburg were handed over.


Here are just a few impressions from this day. It was a very special day for everyone! A highlight was ice cream for everyone as a dessert!


Ruth is our fourth student to successfully graduate from the university.

She studied „Tourism and Hotel Management“ at Muteesa I University in Kampala.

Congratulations to Ruth!!! We are mighty proud!!!



It is with deep regret that we have learned of the death of Maria Citra Nambasa.
She was one of our sponsored children who was already sick for a year and therefore unfortunately had to drop out of school last year.

Maria Citra complained of headaches and fever. Unfortunately, she passed away in the evening at home while on her way to the hospital.

We are deeply shocked and extend our sincere condolences and sympathy to Maria Citra’s family.

December 2022

The young mothers and their children of the Organisation EYMCBO could be supported with food packages and hygiene articles for the Christmas vacations 😊

In the pictures you can’t miss how happy and grateful the women are for this valuable support!


The newsletter has been published and sent by mail.

Newsletter Dezember 2022 (german language)

We are overwhelmed!! 😍

The income from donations for the Christmas dinner is 6585,- Euro 🙏

We would never have expected such a high sum!!!

A thousand thanks, also on behalf of the children, to all who contributed! 😊

Christmas dinner will be held in January 🍽💕

The incredible amount of donations also makes it possible for the organization EYMCBO, for the young mothers and their children a Christmas dinner ❤❤



We say thank you dear Anja and Andreas for the fantastic donation of 1150€. 🙏🏽

This donation was used to purchase food for our children in care for the long Christmas vacation!!!! 😍😍❤️

Spende Spende Spende

Petra and Stefan are visiting our local team and their godchild Jonathan for the 2nd time this year.

We wish our dedicated members a great stay ✊🏻💛


Here are a few news and pictures about the well construction.

The well is now 45 meters deep. Thus, the required water level has been reached. For safety reasons, the well was closed. Currently 3 solar cells and a pump with control system are installed.

The purchase of a water tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters will be implemented after the next transfer. Brunnenbau

December 2022


We would like to thank Birgit Gehr and the whole BLUES Bay team. Logistik Umwelt @ Entsorgungssystem GmbH for the amazing donation of 1’000€ for the Christmas dinner!

November 2022

On Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, the annual general meeting took place in the fire station in Degerndorf.

On Sunday, November 27th, U.V.C.O. participated at the Laaber Christmas market 🎄

We sold homemade liqueurs and books could be purchased on a donation basis. The proceeds of 270€ will be used for the Christmas dinner🎄🎄🎄


Here you can see our students Eric, Robert and Winnie at their graduation ceremony from university! 😍


All 3 have successfully completed their studies!

🎉🎓 Congratulations ❤️

We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear Doris from Regensburg ❤️💙

Uniform Uniform Uniform


Thank you-video -> HERE

October 2022

With joy we look back on the past few weeks, in which Eric and Robert were visiting.😊

In addition to the official appointments, which were very valuable for our cooperation, the two also visited various sights. 💕 They learned a lot during their stay! For example, they got to know the school system in Germany in the elementary and middle school in Laaber and the Realschule in Parsberg. 📚 This was not only educational for the two of them, but also a great opportunity for the students and teachers to see what an education in Uganda can do! 😊

It was nice to see the great curiosity and willingness to learn with which Eric and Robert gained new insights and experiences.❤❤ We are very proud and grateful for the reliable cooperation. 🙏💕


Gifting footballs to your sponsored children ⚽️

Our project managers Eric and Robert were invited by the Kirner family to their show „Da Deifi is los“. The Regensburg farmer’s theater is celebrating its 101-year anniversary. The Kirner family are very committed sponsors and members of U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V. and support 6 godchildren in Uganda💛


On Saturday was the meeting with our members and sponsors. 😊

After a meal together, Eric and Robert presented their organization E.C.H.O. and their duties as board member and project manager on site. 💕 The presentation expressed mutual appreciation and gratitude. We are very happy that Eric, Robert and their team are giving the children and young people the chance for a self-determined future! ❤ Afterwards, our committed member Lisa Baier gave a wonderful presentation about the stay in Uganda in June. The performance not only gave a nice insight into the current well-being of our U.V.C.O. children, but also made us want to visit Uganda 😍😍✈ The evening was musically supported by Emma and her dad Manfred 😊🎶 We would like to thank all participants and guests for the wonderful evening. The missing 1’000 euros for the well construction project could actually be collected that evening. So, it can be completed soon 😍😍

A big thank you for that! 🙏❤❤ Of course, we are particularly proud of Eric and Robert, who were sponsored by the association as children and are now running the organization on site as partners 😍😍❤

The PDF for the lecture can be viewed again.




The Frauenbund Laaber donates the missing 400€ for the completion of the well at the Kids Care Primary School!

We are very proud and grateful for the financial support. 🥰

Dance teacher Kakooza Ben coached our kids at Kids Care School for this dance video.


Check it out, it’s amazing!!!

The children love to dance, sing and drum. 🥰

They are happy and proud to be able to show their talents.

We are really excited. 😍

Thanks to our team at E.C.H.O.

We would like to thank Mrs. Monika Traubinger from Eglsee for her great donation of 480€. 🙏🥰

A 60th birthday and instead of receiving presents herself, the birthday child gives presents to our children in Uganda!

Eric Mugwanya and Robert Muwange, the project managers and board members of the organization E.C.H.O. from Uganda, arrived safely in Germany on October 4th, 2022. The two are trained and by getting to know each other personally, our cooperation should be strengthened. We wish them both an exciting time with valuable experiences!Aufenthalt

On Friday, Eric and Robert visited the elementary and middle school in Laaber and introduced themselves to the students with a presentation, dance and music.

They thank the two schools very much for the valuable support. 🙏🙏❤

Schule Schule

September 2022


Instead of giving herself a present for her 30th birthday, E. from Munich donated €250 for our 11-year-old Anitah, who was diagnosed with a heart defect. This valuable donation will pay for Anitah’s medical expenses at a hospital and her medical treatment.

With another donation of 250€ from E. from Munich, we can buy a bed, mattress, bedding, milk, food and clothes for 6-month-old Timothy. Timothy suddenly lost his mother on April 22, his father is unknown. He lives with his grandmother who needs support herself.

We thank the dear donor from the bottom of our hearts for her valuable support. 💕

If you would like to donate to emergency situations like this, whether monthly or as a one-off donation, please go to the donation account. Purpose: Gesundheitsfond (health fund).

Every euro is so valuable!

Baby Timothy has found a loving foster family that ensures basic care and a sheltered place to sleep with monthly donations. We are very happy to help baby Timothy and his grandmother. The foster family enables Timothy to have a good childhood until school starts!


Our guide Winnie N. visiting Baby Timothy. 

The sponsored children can now also be contacted by email…

Adress of the sponsored children

July 2022

Pupils from Laaber raise 4’469.90 euros for U.V.C.O. Uganda e.V.

In bright sunshine, the patron Mrs. Pastor Sibylle Thürmel was able to open the charity run of the elementary and middle school Laaber on the sports field. In advance, the children independently looked for sponsors for their run and organized a flea market as a supporting program. The 7th graders sold fruit skewers.

Also this year, the running group of the St. Franziskus kindergarten was happy to run and donate.

We would like to thank all participants as well as Martina Holzapfel and the teaching team of the elementary and middle school in Laaber for this great donation!


A dream came true 🥰🥳

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donation of €10,000, we were able to buy a car for our organization E.C.H.O. and set aside a portion for initial repairs and/or wearing parts. Having your own car means independence and flexibility, being able to drive to the doctor or hospital immediately in an emergency.

The visits of the children at the schools and also with their families can take place at any time. Costs are saved for the driver and the rental car.

We thank the generous donor from the bottom of our hearts ❤

Auto Auto

May 2022

Our Katinka & friends arrived safely in Uganda!

They were happily received by our team!

The children are also very happy 🥰

We wish you all a great time with many unforgettable impressions 🤩

Katinka’s report on her stay -> HERE


June 2022

As reported in the news, the company FORMAXX planned to donate 1’500 euros each to 15 selected charitable projects on the occasion of the 15th company anniversary!!!

By voting, the many proposed projects had a chance to make it into the TOP 15. U.V.C.O. was also nominated.

Thanks to your votes we made it!!!

A big thank you to Andreas Federhofer, his team in Parsberg and to everyone who voted for us!!!


With this donation, „Mama Brenda’s house“ could be completed. The desolate one-room hut was about to collapse. When the rainy season begins in Uganda, the hut would no longer have withstood the heavy rains.

Click HERE for a detailed report about the family and the house!

The company Thaqi Bau & Bauelemente GmbH collected donations for U.V.C.O. as part of their open day.

In doing so, €315.50 were collected 😍😍

We would like to thank the Thaqi family for this valuable support and the opportunity to advertise our association on site!! 🙏♥️ Of course, we would also like to thank the visitors who donated so diligently! 😊 Thaqi

The construction of our well can begin! 😍🎉

May 2022


The musically very talented Simon, the sponsored child of our active member Michaela Söllner and his family, is visiting Germany.

With other members of IMLS Uganda, Simon has the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Regensburg and attend musical performances.

Simon was able to spend a whole day with his sponsoring family in Brunn / Laaber 🥰


April 2022

Under this link, you will find an interesting report about the counseling and mentoring program of the primary school

——> Report


On April 20th, 2022 an article about our team member Eric and U.V.C.O. was published in the Mittelbayrische Zeitung.

——> Newspaper article


March 2022

Vote now!!!

On the occasion of their 15th company anniversary, FORMAXX AG is donating 1’500 euros each to 15 selected charitable projects!!

By voting, the many proposed projects have a chance to make it into the TOP 15. And this is where you come in.

We were also nominated for this great campaign and of course we are now hoping for a lot of votes!!

LINK —-> U.V.C.O. presents itself

Vote now under the following link FORMAXX

It is quick and does not require registration. Feel free to pass this on to all your friends and acquaintances! Voting ends on April 30th, 2022!

We would be very happy if our association would be selected!

February 2022

We received an incredible donation of 2’600.62€ from Michi Wimmer from his Christmas fundraiser 2021!

We would like to thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

January 2022

Project: Winnie’s Sewing School

Our former sponsored child Winnie would like to pass on the help and support she received from U.V.C.O. and has founded a sewing project for young mothers.

Here they learn to sew and are given basic knowledge to help support their families.

Nähschule Nähschule

We support this project financially.



Good news… schools are reopening

In Uganda, schools are finally reopening after 83 weeks of school closure! Due to the coronavirus, the schools were closed until now.

Here are a few nice impressions of the children and adolescents who were very happy about the start of school! 😊

Our elementary school students have prepared for the drive to the private primary school near Masaka/Kirinda. Since there is still a lot to be settled at our Uplift School, we are very happy to be able to accommodate the children temporarily in the boarding school. And they are very happy to finally be back in school after such a long time! ❤️

We also wish our students at Buloba College a good start and much success 📚🍀 Suitable for college start with new black shoes 😍 Together with the 43 children who start with S.1 at Buloba College, 93 students are at a secondary school to successfully complete their exams after 4 or 6 years. 😊 We also wish the 4 apprentice nurses at the Keytume school and the 3 apprentices at the IMLS every success, a good time and, above all, a year without interruptions 🙏💕

Schulanfang Schulanfang Schulanfang



Apprenticeship can be started

These three guys are starting a 2 year car mechanic apprenticeship at Bukenya Garage in Nyendo.

Paul, Vincent and Patrick

WerkstattThe purely practical apprenticeship costs the equivalent of 500€ for these 2 years. 125€ pocket money for the first 6 months, after that they can work out their own pocket money in this workshop. That will be around €26/month.

On January 3rd, 2022 the first semester started for our four nurse apprentices at the Keytume school!!!!

The training will last 5 semesters over 2 1/2 years.

We wish Sumayya, Maxy, Janice and Hope Violet a great start!


We hope that we can continue with good news 😃