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Children and sponsors

Numbers and facts

There are currently 302 children registered with UVCO. To date, 275 sponsors (families or sponsored school classes) have decided to sponsor one or more of our Uplift children. (April 2023)

A brief summary of the catastrophic effects of the long school closures due to COVID-19:

Schools in Uganda were finally allowed to reopen in January 2022 after 83 weeks. In a global comparison, schools in Uganda have been closed the longest.

The lockdowns and quarantine measures have resulted in many parents losing their jobs. As a result, they have fallen into even greater poverty, while at the same time food prices have risen. According to reports, 30% of children and young people did not return to their school desks due to teenage pregnancy, early marriage and child labour. Distressed parents are more likely to choose to fund their sons‘ education than their daughters‘, who are quickly married off.

Teachers in the public schools were paid during the school closures. Teachers at private schools, on the other hand, mostly got nothing and have looked for new jobs and will probably not return to their profession. This will cause a massive teacher shortage. Learning online and homeschooling was only possible for the few children who could afford it.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 334 children and young people were registered with UVCO. When schools opened in January, 60 children were missing. In turn, several of these were children of relatives or friends of the former team boss and support from our side was discontinued.


If you would like to help one or more children to have a future through school education, please send us a message at info@uvco.de. A partial amount is also welcome, every euro helps! We are happy to accept several sponsors for a child who would like to share the costs!

We here in Germany and the team in Uganda volunteer to create a present and a future for the children placed in our care. We are happy that sponsors repeatedly support us and that each individual donor and sponsor does his or her part to enable their sponsored child to be protected, fed, cared for and educated.

On behalf of the Uplift children, thank you for caring so much about the future of these precious children. Thank you for giving the children a good school education, healthy nutrition, protection, talent promotion and self-confidence through your financial support.

Your donation has an unimaginably high value for them!

The team of helpers from Masaka and Bavaria wishes you all the best.