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Address of the sponsored children: post and email


If you would like to write a letter to your/a child in Masaka in English, simply send it to the following address:

FOR ______________ (name of the sponsored child),
P.O. Box 220063
Masaka/ Uganda

It takes about 4 to 8 weeks for the letter to arrive (unfortunately not 100% by post). But its effect is overwhelming for the young addressee!

Letters and small gifts up to 2 kg can be posted as a letter and sent to this address. A DHL 10 kg package costs €61.99 and a DHL 20 kg package costs €100.99. Parcel insurance in Germany included and shipment tracking!

Some of our children treat the letters they receive from their sponsors like a very valuable treasure and therefore do not open them, otherwise they would destroy these valuable treasures.

Our team of supervisors in Masaka picks up the letters and parcels at the post office and hands them over to the children!

A picture is taken of each handover, which is then sent to the sponsors.



If you want to send an email to your/a sponsored child,

you can send it to this email address: ugandauvco@gmail.com. The email is passed on to the children.




There was a change in consultation with the team in Masaka:

We ask everyone who would like to send their sponsored child a package with toys or pens etc. to do so. Lovingly mailed items to the children with gifts inside are now allowed. For a long time we were concerned that gifts would make the children who received them happy, but would sadden the other children who would get nothing. However, our friends in Masaka told us during a team meeting in Manzi that the gifted children would respond very, very nicely, because they share everything with their friends. Nobody keeps anything for themselves, even money is shared among themselves. Nevertheless, it is important to know that „just“ a letter with kind, soothing words to your children is incredibly valuable for the Uplift children. If you ask interested questions about, for example, their career aspirations, what they dream of, what they like about Uganda, what they would change, what school subjects they are particularly good at, what their friends are called, whether they still have siblings and so on, then you really work wonders. Please also write about yourself and your place of residence and your family, what job or favorite activity you have and what moves you. An intensive text makes a child very happy, but also gifts that are meant well don’t spoil the good character of our children. We’ve learned a lesson and were keen to share this important change with you.

It is also possible to bring or send gifts or donations in kind to Angelina Scherer, Katinka Geß or Tanja Weidinger (see OUR TEAM for contact details). They collect the gifts and, when enough items have been collected, they will send them to Masaka or give them to acquaintances or friends who will fly to Uganda next.